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Jim Does a Great Performance of
American Trilogy
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Tracked and Mixed at Hole-N-Wall Recording Studio - Nashville, TN
Cal Meece - Engineer
    Jim Dilley, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and grew up in Collinsville Oklahoma, a small town North East of Tulsa.  Jim was very active in his youth and it was said that he would become a "Preacher or a Politician", however to this day he doesn't understand the meaning behind that! Jim attributes his singing to his hometown Church, (Collinsville Church of Christ) where he learned to sing.
     Jim sang anywhere and everywhere anyone would give him a chance, from talent shows to the local retirement home. Jim completed High School in Collinsville, in 1981. He then went on to attend college at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, then served in the United States Army, Airborne Military Police Corp for three years, serving in Egypt, Korea and the United States. He received several commendations to include; good conduct, Army Achievement & Army accommodation medals.  Jim was honorably discharged in 1985 and found himself in Texas.
     Jim is a 19-year veteran of the Pasadena Police Department.  He has worked a variety of assignments, including patrol on all shifts and is currently assigned as a Detective in the Juvenile Division. Jim's duties include, crimes committed against juveniles, both sexual & physical abuse, as well as all crimes committed by juveniles.
     In addition to his regular duties, Jim has performed several off-duty functions such as apartment security services, high visibility aggressive patrols, executive protection, and corporate undercover surveillance operations. Jim is also actively involved in the Sex Offender Registration Program, which actively monitors sex offenders in the Pasadena area.
     Jim has an advanced certification in Hypnosis, from the University of Houston (Downtown), and is certified in Forensic & Investigative Hypnosis by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. Jim is also a handwriting analysis expert and has a Master Police Officer certification, issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. Furthermore, to date, Jim has over 3,000 hours of law enforcement training and has a B.A.A.S from Midwestern State University.
     Jim Dilley has received several awards from the Pasadena Police Department and surrounding communities, to include: Jan-(1993)-Officer of the month, a Distinguished Service Award,(1993), Channel 13's Officer of the week,(1993), Houston Chronicles Officer of the week,(1993), a two time recipient of the First Baptist John Matthew's Community service Award, (1998 & 1999). A Meritorious Service Award (2003), as well as several letters of Accommodation throughout his career.

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