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Cal & The Easy Chair Gang at the
Long Hollow Jamboree for a Benefit Show
Cal & The Easy Chair Gang at the Long Hollow Jamboree

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Hi, Im Cal.  Welcome to my personal web page. I am a singer/songwriter/musician and I own EASYCHAIR MUSIC CO. publishing and recording. I am also a session producer and a studio sound engineer. I guess you could say my whole life has been based around music. I have been in Nashville, TN since 1969, and through the years I have had the opportunity and the pleasure to become acquainted with and work with a lot of prominent names in the music business. I also spent a lot of time working on the Grand Ole Opry with stars like Stonewall Jackson.
In '85 '86 and '87 I was Vice-President of Mountain Empire Records, located at 19 Music Square West (Nashville's Music Row). During this time I produced and promoted many Independent Chart Records, three of them being my own. The biggest one being (in my opinion) "The Lady Of The World" a song I wrote and released in honor of the refurbishing and rededication of the Statue of Liberty. "The Lady" as we call it, stayed in the National charts for 9 weeks. We're pretty proud of that one!
It's been a lot of fun up 'till now and It's not over by a long shot!
We're still makin good music!

Listen to music written and performed by Cal!!!!!!!!!!

Click the Links

1. Lookin' Through Their Eyes
2. The Eagle Still Flies  
3. Big Ole Easychair      
4. Lady Of The World    
5. Gotta Get To Memphis
6. Old Memories Never Die
7. Fools Holiday
8. She's Got The Power (to turn me on)

9. Ralph Done It
10. 14 Minutes To Fort Worth
11. Red Hot And Blue
12. Chair Dancin'

13. Mister Heartache
14. When The Sun Goes Down
15. Horse I Rode In On
16. Where Love Goes When It Dies
17. Designated Drinker

If you have a music project you would like to discuss you can contact me at my personal email address below or call
Hole-N-Wall Recording at 615-417-3748 or just click on the "EasyChair Music" link to find out more.

Thanks, have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


Email me at cal@easychair-music.com